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Patriotic Party Decorations by Jess

Patriotic Party Decorations by Jess | Rinea

Hello friends!  It's Jess here today to share with you a fun "patriotic" party decoration idea...using, you guessed it....our Patriotic Foiled Paper Variety Pack !  This fun pack can be used for multiple occasions - not just the Fourth of July!  

Patriotic Decorations using Rinea Foiled paper

In Canada, we celebrate Canada Day (which you can see how I created fun Canada Day decorations last month here). There is also Memorial Day, Flag Day, Labor Day...well...just about any day!  You can hang them like party lanterns or use them as centerpieces  - the choice is completely and creatively yours. The best part is - they reuse a common household item - toilet paper rolls!  Foiled Paper is just AWESOME to create fun party decor with. 

 Let's get crafting!


 You will need the following supplies:

Patriotic Foiled Paper Variety Pack - I used the Artist's Pack
- toilet paper rolls
- double sided tape
- pencil or pen
- paper trimmer and scissors
- Fishing line or twine (optional)
- paper piercer (optional)

 You are going to love how fast and easy this project comes together!  Start by cutting your 4x6 in half lengthwise.  Next, you are going to cut 3/4 of the way through the piece, about 1/2" apart all along the length of the foiled paper. You don't want to cut all the way through - you are making a fringe!  You are also going to cut your toilet paper roll in half.


  Apply a strip of double sided tape along the solid part where you didn't cut. Then you are going to simply wrap each piece of foil around the toilet paper tube in layers. I lightly curled my ends up using a pen.  To make the curly top, I just revered the steps and adhered the foiled paper inside the top of the toilet paper roll, alternating the directions that I curled the foil. I chose to use the Glossy Silver/Gold Foiled Paper that is included in the variety pack for this step.


I felt I needed a band of some sort to finish it off - so I added a 1/2" strip of Starstruck Ruby Red Foiled Paper. I also punched a small hole using my paper piercer and tied some fishing line through it to hang.


 There you have it!  The next shot shows the "hanging" version. If you wanted to string them on one long line, that would work fabulously too!  I chose to do individual ones. Would the be fantastic if you made some large ones with paper towel rolls too?  So many fun options! 

 I hope you enjoyed this tutorial using Rinea Foiled Paper I hope you will go out and create something fun with it!  You are going to love how it holds it's shape :)  See you next time!